Account Codes

This covers the setup and use of Account Codes.

Viewing and Modifying Account Code Setting

Account Codes are not enabled by default. Please contact your Administrator for further information. Viewing and modifying account code settings. 

Modifying call types requiring account codes

Use the checkboxes on the Account Codes page to specify which types of calls will require account codes:


Note: You cannot require an account code for emergency calls, toll-free calls, or calls to service access codes.

Once you have selected the call types, click Apply to save your changes.

Choosing Validated or Non-validated Account Codes

To use Validated Account Codes, follow these steps:

    1. Check Yes after User validated account codes.
    2. Click Apply.

To use Non-validated Account Codes, follow these steps:

    1. Check No after User validated account codes.
    2. Click Apply.
Setting Account Code Length

To specify the length that should be used by your account codes, follow these steps:

    1. Enter the length in the text box after Account code length:
    2. Click Apply.
Blocking Access After Incorrect Account Codes

If you are using Validated Account Codes, a user's phone line will be blocked after an incorrect account code is entered too many times in succession. To change the number of incorrect entries the user is allowed, follow these steps:

    1. Enter the value in the text box after Max incorrect attempts before account is blocked:
    2. Click Apply.


Setting Individual Line Properties

To specify whether various settings can also be specified for each line in your business, perform one of the following operations.

Configuring Account Codes

To modify the account codes, click on Edit List at the top of the Accounts code page.

The following screen appears


To add an account code, follow these steps:

  1. To remove an account code, click the delete icon to the right of the account code.
  2. To change the description of an account code, remove it and then re-add it with the new description.
  3. Once you have finished making changes, click on OK.
  4. To save your changes you must now click Apply.

Viewing and Modifying Account Code Settings For a Line

If you want to view or change a particular line's account code settings, follow these steps:

    1. Change the settings to allow you to do this as described in here
    2. Go to the Lines page in CommPortal and log in as the line whose settings you wish to change. Information can be found here.

Once you have logged in as this user, follow the instructions for modifying account codes in CommPortal End User Guide.

Unblocking Account Codes

If a subscriber has entered an incorrect account code too many times they will become blocked. To unblock a subscriber please follow these instructions: