Business Group Administrator Login and Overview

This covers the how to access the Business Group Administrator Portal and overview of features

Accessing the CommPortal BG Admin Interface

To configure your Business Group line (subscribers) and to manage their services, a BG Administrator should log in to the CommPortal BG Admin interface using a separate login page to regular users.

BG Administrator:

BG Subscribers:

The BG Administrator login page sends the BG Administrator to the BG Administrator section of the default web UI.

CommPortal is supported on the latest versions of all major browsers and operating systems.

Logging into CommPortal BG Admin

The following shows the CommPortal login page.


To log into CommPortal, follow these steps:

    1. To access the CommPortal for Administrators point a browser at
    2. Enter a phone number with administrative access.
    3. Enter the password.
    4. Click on Login.

CommPortal BG Admin Overview

Once you are logged into CommPortal you will see the Business Group Administrator's homepage.



Send Feedback

If you encounter a problem when using the CommPortal BG Admin interface, or have a suggestion for an improvement, you can click on the Send Feedback link and submit a report to your service administrator.

Clicking on the Send Feedback link launches a pop-up.