INFO: Your login details for access to the portal will have been emailed to you at the time the account was created. Please check your spam/junk folders. Please contact your Service Provider if you have not received them. 

Logging In:

Open web browser to https://recordings.podunifiedcomms.com/ (Chrome/Safari/Edge) Once open you will see the login page. Enter the Username and Password supplied by your Service Provider and click on LOGIN


Once logged in you will see the main navigation menu on the left hand side. 


INFO:  Please note that the Dashboard is currently blank, this is not an error. Analytics is currently unavailable will be coming later on in a future update. The Payment and Billing section can be ignored this is due to be removed in the next update. 


Recordings: Manage your numbers and view, edit and download your recordings. 

Personal: Create users, agents, roles and departments, these can be linked to recordings. 

Reports:  Displays graphs on usage and recordings.

Configuration: Manage accounts settings and Company details. 


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