Getting Started

CommPortal is a web portal used to configure the features on your new phone system.

With CommPortal you can:

To get started, go to the login page at  

(Please contact your administrator if you don’t know your CommPortal password)

Exploring CommPortal

When you log in, you see the CommPortal Home page.

From the CommPortal Home page you can access the following features:

Messages and Calls – click this link to view and retrieve any voicemails
Contacts – Import your contacts from Outlook or create new ones, then click on a name to dial
Phone Status - Control your Call Manager settings
Make Call – Make a call direct from CommPortal
Start Meeting – Start a Pod meeting
Manage Webinars - Create or manage your Pod webinars
Security - Use these links to change your password or security email address
Downloads – Download apps, for example Pod for Desktop
Send Feedback – Report bugs or make suggestions for improvements to the CommPortal interface
Your Services – Use these links to access a range of services available with your CommPortal account, for example to change your call, message and notification settings, or set up a Reminder call.

Messages & Calls

The Messages & Calls page shows all recent call activity.

Use the sub-tabs to view calls based on whether they were Missed, Dialled, Received, Rejected, or Deleted.

Click the Play icon to listen to a voicemail.

- Click the trash icon to delete the voicemail.

- Click and select: Reply, Mark as new/heard, Forward as Email, Forward as Voicemail, or Save File.

Click the New Voicemail box at the top left of the Messages and Calls screen to record and leave a voicemail as a memo (your computer needs a microphone to use this function).


Use the Contacts page to manage your contact details.  This page displays an alphabetical list of your currently configured contacts.

Use the Search for ... box to find a particular contact.

Use the checkbox on the left to select a contact and display their details on the right of the screen.

- Click to create a new contact.

- Click to set up a group of contacts. You can send a message to several subscribers at once by messaging the group. You can also set up call handling rules for a group.

The fastest way to add your contacts to CommPortal is to import them from your email program. If you use Microsoft Outlook, you can export your contacts as a CSV file and use the CommPortal button to add these contacts to CommPortal.

Call Manager

The Phone Status panel at the centre of the CommPortal Home page displays your Call Manager that allows you to set your current availability status and manage how incoming calls are handled.

The top section on the left enables you to set your status to Available or Do Not Disturb, or to Forward all Calls.

The panel on the right allows you to set up call handling rules for Normal, Anonymous, VIP, and Unwanted callers. You can use options on this screen to add numbers to VIP and Unwanted callers lists.


Use the Downloads link at the bottom of the CommPortal Home page to launch the Apps page.

Here you can download applications that allow you to access the features of CommPortal on your computer, mobile phone, and tablet.

- Click to see a list of the applications available and follow the on-screen instructions to install the app.


Changing Settings

You can view and change your CommPortal settings directly from the CommPortal Home page, using the following icons.

- Click Call Settings to configure your call services, select how caller ID is displayed, and enter details for Call Forwarding, Call Blocking and Call Jump.

- Click Message Settings to control how your messages are handled, configure Mailbox Access settings, and record a Voicemail Greeting.

- Click Notifications to set up how you will receive notifications whenever you receive new messages.

- Click Reminders to set up single or recurring call reminders.

On the bottom panel, you can view your account information, change your security settings, and configure your phone keys.  

- Click Devices and then select ‘set keys’ to configure your desk phone.

- Click Change Password or Change Call Services PIN to set a new password.

- Click Send Feedback to launch a pop-up where you can report any bugs with the CommPortal interface or send a suggestion for improvements or new features.