Send Feedback

If you encounter a problem when using the CommPortal BG Admin interface, or have a suggestion for an improvement, you can click on the Send Feedback link and submit a report to your service administrator.

Clicking on the Send Feedback link launches a pop-up.


  • If you want to include a screenshot of the BG interface: Highlight particular areas of the screen by selecting Highlight, positioning the cross-hatch and then dragging – the area that will be included in the screenshot will be highlighted.
  • Use the Black out option to disguise any personal information
  • Click Capture.
  • If you do not want to include a screenshot, click Skip.
  • This launches a second screen, with the screenshot on the right (if you have taken one) and a box where you can add a description of the problem you have encountered or enhancement you would like to see.


  • Click Submit to send your feedback.