Your phone system supports a number of different types of Call Forwarding.

  • Immediate (sometimes called Unconditional) Call Forwarding is where all calls are forwarded to a number of your choice. This can either be to your voicemail (which is the default), another extension in your business or an external number.

  • Busy Call Forwarding forwards all calls that are received when you are already on the phone.

  • No Answer (sometimes called Delayed) Call Forwarding forwards all calls when you do not answer them after a certain delay.

  • Selective Call Forwarding forwards calls from certain numbers to another number.

This section provides instructions on how to set up Call Forwarding using your handset, however the easiest and most flexible way of configuring call forwarding is using Business Call Manager in CommPortal. See the Business Call Manager section for instructions on doing this.

You will either hear a confirmation tone or an announcement whenever you make a change to your call forwarding settings.

Your phone system may be configured to support Integrated Call Forwarding, allowing you to enable or disable Immediate/Unconditional, Busy or No Answer/Delayed Call Forwarding across all your Pod devices with a single operation on any of your devices, or in your CommPortal account.