Basic Setup

Once the installation has been completed Pod Integrate will launch the Main Configuration page as illustrated below. On the General > Telephony screen enter the following for your subscriber details:


Extension: This is your DDI

Password: This is your CommPortal Password

If the above screen does not appear and click on Show Hidden Icons and then right click on the Pod Integrate icon


Next click on Configuration 


Once the Extension and Password fields have been filled in click on Interface


Application Load is enabled by default this will automatically start Pod Integrate when Windows starts up. 

Preview Window is enabled by default this will show a popup every time a call is received. 

Next click on Dialling 


You can now select which dialling methods you would like to use, we do recommend Application Dialing is enabled. 

Clipboard Dialling: Each time you copy a valid telephone number to the clipboard, a windows notification will appear which, when clicked, will dial the number.

Application Dialling: Pod Integrate supports several methods of dialing from applications. Many applications can be enabled to allow dialing directly from within the application.

Focus Dialling:

Focus dialing will automatically detect fields that contain dial-able numbers and will present a click-to-dial option to the right of the field.

If the application field contains more than one potential telephone number, a drop-down is displayed when you hover over the click-to-dial icon, allowing you to select which number to dial.

Next click on Save,the task bar icon should now turn green to show that you are connected. (on hook)