How Do I Start A Meeting From Pod Connect For Android/iOS?

info-note.png INFO: If you do not have the Meeting options, please contact your Service Provider to have this enabled. 
bulb-icon.png TIP: You also start a meeting from Pod Connect for Desktop or directly from the CommPortal

From the Pod Connect for Android/iOS application tap on Meetings at the bottom then Create. 


You can Invite IM Contacts (users within your business group) and/or Invite Others (Send Email Invite and Copy Meeting Link) this will allow you to send an invite via email or copy the link so you can create your own email or send the link by IM/SMS .etc


Type the name of a Im Contact and tap to select the IM contact and/or Invite Others 


To send an email invite click on Send Invite Link via Email. This will open your default email client with a pre-populated email, enter the recipient(s) and send the email. 

When you are ready to start you can click on Start Meeting

info-note.png INFO: For IM Contacts this will call them directly and a pop up will appear on their screen giving them the options to Join or Ignore the meeting request. This will only work if the IM contact is online, if the contact is offline you will need to choose Invite Others and email or copy the link to them. Invite Others will receive an email with a link to click on. If the email has not arrived please advise them to check spam/junk folders.  If other contacts are using an Android or iOS devices the meeting link will require them to download and install the Pod Connect application for that device before they can join.