Testing Your System

You should now be ready to complete the basic testing, this is has been designed to to ensure that all basic functionally is working correctly. 

You may also have the following services in your package:

  • Multi Line Hunt Groups (MLHG)
  • Standard Auto Attendant
  • Advanced Auto Attendant

If you are using either Easy Attendant or Premium Attendant you will need to make sure these have been configured first. In most cases your Service Provider will have discussed this with you and will already be configured. 

If you have agreed with your Service Provider that you are managing and setting up the Easy or Premium  Attendants this should be completed now. Please see the following documentation for help with this. 

Standard Auto Attendant

Advanced Auto Attendant

Please contact your Service Provider for further assistance if required. 

Before continuing with testing you will need access to an external test phone, a mobile would be fine. You may also need to speak to your Service Provider if you are unsure about how are your incoming calls handled, what happens, greetings and options if required.

info-note.png INFO: Please do not use another Pod phone for testing. Any testing must be carried out with an external phone. Pod to Pod calls are routed as internal calls therefore may not show any faults or configuration issues with the service provided. These tests are based on the assumption that you have not made any changes within the CommPortal Phone Status section on how calls are handled. 

Outbound Calls 

  • Make an outbound call from a subscriber to your external test phone. This should be completed on all devices for this subscriber. (Desk Phone/Pod Connect Mobile & Desktop)  - make a note of the following:
    • Did the external test phone ring? If yes continue
    • Is the Caller ID displayed? This can be either the subscribers DDI or a Calling Party Number that has been setup. If yes continue
    • Answer the call and confirm that you have 2 way audio. If yes continue
  • If required: Do you need access to International calls and Premium rate numbers - These maybe blocked by default. From your subscriber test an international and premium call. 
info-note.png INFO: Premium Numbers include the following number ranges - 09, 084, 087. Please contact your Service Provider if you require this.  

Inbound Calls To Your DDI

  • Make an inbound call to your DDI subscriber your external test phone - Make a note of the following
    • Did your DDI ring, if you multiple devices (Desk Phone/Pod Connect Mobile & Desktop) registered for this subscriber then all devices should ring at the same.
    • Answer the call and confirm that you have 2 way audio. If yes continue
    • Make another inbound call to your DDI subscriber but this time leave the phone to ring. By default voicemail should start after 36 seconds. If yes continue.
    • Leave a voicemail message then end the call.
    • Check your devices to make you have a voicemail notification and/or email has been received if you have enabled Forward messages as emails. If yes continue.
    • From your subscriber call the voicemail number 121 to access your voicemail and listen to the message. You can now delete the message and continue. 

Inbound Calls To Your MLHG and/or Easy/Premium Attendant


INFO: Before proceeding with this test it is advisable to have a written out call flow on how calls should be handled.

For MLHGs:

  • Make a note of the Pilot Number - This should be given to by your Service Provider with the password for that account. 
  • Which subscribers are in each group
  • How the subscribers phones in the group ring - Circular, Uniform Round Robin, Longest Idle, Ring All etc. 
  • If not using Ring All is the number of seconds correct before the call is passed to the next subscriber. 
  • What happens on No Answer, do you require voicemail? 
    • If no, is the timeout set long enough?
    • If yes, voicemail will need to be configured from the CommPortal for the MLHG Pilot Number. 

For Easy/Premium Attendants

  • Ensure the Easy/Premium Attendant if configured from the CommPortal you will need the Easy/Premium Attendant phone number and password. 
  • Check greeting audios and phone options (ket presses) are configured to goto to the correct number. 
  • You may also be using a key press that diverts to a MLHG see the above details.
  • When testing we recommend you try all options that have been configured.
  • Check the Easy Attendant and Premium Attendant documentation for further help. 
  • Make an inbound call to your Easy/Premium Attendant phone number from your external test phone. For MLHGs check the above information. 
    • As the call is been made follow your call flow
      • Did you hear the announcement?
      • Did you hear the menu options?
      • Did the menu option goto to correct subscriber/MLHG/or other action correctly?
      • If yes to all please repeat this process until all menu options have been tested. 

Music On Hold

  • Make an inbound call to your DDI and/or Standard/Advanced Auto Attendant phone number from your external test phone
  • Answer the call
  • Place the call on hold
  • Check on your external test phone that Music On Hold is playing the correct file. If it has not been configured this will play the default music.
  • Check the Music On hold documentation for help configuring. 

INFO: If any of the above tests are failing please check the configuration within the CommPortal and relevant documentation. If you are still having issues please contact your Service Provider. 

Remember to make a note of which tests are failing and any error messages that maybe presented. You will also need the subscribers phone number and the external test phone number that you have been using.