Desk Phones

If you are not using Desk Phone please skip this section. 

You will first need to confirm with your Service Provider as to how your phones will be provisioned. If they are been auto-provisioned and are already powered on and connected to the network they should ready to use, once the updates have completed.

You can check which phones are been auto provisioned from the BG Admin portal. Please take a look at the Provisioning Phones document for information on provisioning phones. 

Once the phones have an allocated time to authenticate with the Provisioning Server power them on and connect them to your network. Depending on make and model they may require several updates and restart several times. This is normal behaviour. 

If the phones are powered and not reregistered with the correct DDIs (the phone number) please contact your Service Provider. Please make a note of the MAC addresses for each device as they will need to be checked against the Provisioning Server. 


INFO: If your phone had been used with a previous supplier you will need to factory reset the phone and enter the new provisioning URL with in that phone configuration through the user interface. You will need to know IP address and the admin login username and password for your phone in order to factory reset them. If you do not know this you will not be able reset the device and add the provisioning URL. Please contact your Service Provider as they may be able to assist.    

Additional configuration of the Soft Keys can be found in the CommPortal under devices.