Welcome to your Pod Unified Communications System.

Your Service Provider may have given you information on setting up, if so you should follow any instructions given by your Service Provider first. 

We recommend that you first take the time to read through this Start Up Guide before making any changes. Depending on your package(s) some configuration options may not apply to some or all subscribers (users).

Before you continue, you must have an understanding of what your package consists of and how you would like calls to be managed/routed. 

This guide assumes that you have a working internet connection to use with your package, Administrator access to any PC/Laptops that require Pod Connect to be installed and any mobile devices to hand that require Pod Connect.

bulb-icon.png TIP: If your package includes Desk Phones you can unpack and connect these phones to your network and power them on before starting.  They may need to have a firmware update and require several reboots before they can be used. 

This Start Up Guide will walk you through the following: