You can assign an Agent (A person's name) to one or more numbers. To do this click on Personal then click on Agents. Next click on Add Agent


Using Agents will display the name on the Recording Archive page when a recording has been made with that Agent. You can also use the Agents to filter on. These will also be used for the Analytics and Scorecards once they become available in a future update.

On the Create Agent page add a Name for the agent, if you have departments configured select a department. Next select the Number(s) you would like to assign to this agent. 

It is recommend to leave the Reviewer as blank, unless you are wanting to restrict access to the recordings. Selecting a reviewer (another user) will limit that user only to be able to see recording made by the Agent you have currently created.

Click on Create Agent when finished


You can Delete an Agent by clicking on the Delete icon on the Agent Management page. Deleting an Agent will not delete any recordings.