Find a Recording

On the Recording Archive page you also have the ability to filter the recording in order to narrow down a search. To do this click on Filters.


On the Filters window you can filter the Recording Archive page by searching any combination of the following: 


  • From Number: A phone number that has called in
  • To Number: A phone number that you have called
  • Department: If configured you can filter calls by Department
  • Agent: If configured you can filter calls by Agent
  • Connected After / Connectected Before: Enter date range to filter on
  • Flags: If configured you can filter calls by Flags
  • Score Above / Score Below: This is part of Analytics that will be available in a future update.
  • Recorder: Leave blank unless using the external recorder. 

In the example below we are using this to filter on calls made from Agent Ben that have been flagged as New Business Enquiry. When you have set the filters click on Search. You can Reset the filters by clicking on Reset.


If this example this has returned one call relating to the Agent Ben and Flag as New Business Enquiry.


Please remember to Reset the filters when you have finished.