How Do I Forward My Calls To Another Phone Number?

You can setup Pod Connect so all inbound calls are forwarded to different phone number. You can achieve this is 2 different ways:

info-note.png INFO: You must enter your call forwarding number exactly as you would dial it. If you use 9 for an outside line you must also use this here.

From the CommPortal:

  • Login to the CommPortal with your username (phone number) and password.
  • Click on the Incoming Calls Will menu and select Forward to another phone...


  • If this is the first time you have setup call forward you will see the following window. From here you can do either of the following:
    • If you have no numbers saved you can add them to the frequently used forwarding numbers them here, enter the full Phone Number, then the Name. 
    • Click Add
    • Select Used a saved number and the number you have added.
    • Click 
    • Or you can just add a one of number in the Or use a temporary number box, click OK


  • The Phone Status page will now change, to either show the phone number or name that you have configured. You must now click Apply.


bulb-icon.png TIP: Further information on call forwarding settings can be found in CommPortal End Guide - Incoming Call Settings.

From Pod Connect for Mobile

  • From Pod Connect mobile tap on your profile.


  • Tap on Call Manager


  • If you don't already have a forwarding number saved you will need to add one. Tap on Forwarding Number


  • Tap on either Enter Phone Number or Select From Contacts - After entering a phone number tap on Save.


  • Now tap on Send to forwarding number - Your calls will now be forwarded.


From Pod Connect for Desktop

  • From Pod Connect for Desktop click on your Name > Available > Forward calls immediately


  • In the popup window enter the phone number you would like all calls to be forwarded to, the click OK


  • Your calls will now be forwarded.