Transferring a Call on Yealink T Series Phones

info-note.png INFO: Please note the images shown here are from a Yealink T46S, depending on your model the transfer key locations may differ. Some Yealinks do not have a set Transfer button, so you will only see the transfer option during a call. This process should be similar across most Yealinks phones.

During a call press the Transfer key, on the Yealink T46S models this is illustrated below: 


When the Transfer key is pressed the caller will be placed on hold. Music on Hold will be played to the caller. 

Next you have several options on where you would like to transfer the call: 

  1. Using the Enhanced Mentored Extensions also known as BLF (Busy Lamp Fields)
  2. Select a Contact from your list
  3. Dial an extension or phone number



When pressing an Enhanced Mentored Extensions soft key also known as BLF this will start an Attended Transfer once you have spoken to the agent, you can press the Transfer key again to complete the transfer. 


When pressing the Directory and depending how your phone is configured you may see multiple contact and call lists, select the appropriate one. 


Next select the Contact or number that you would like to transfer the call to. You will have two options on how you can transfer the call. B Transfer (Blind Transfer) and Send. When pressing B Transfer the caller will sent directly to the agent/destination and your call will end. When pressing the Send button this initiates an Attended transfer to allow you to speak to the person that is about to receive the call. Press Transfer to complete the transfer


When dialling a phone number or extension number from the keypad you will see a similar screen as below with two the options again, use B Transfer or Send to complete the transfer. 


info-note.png INFO: If using Attended Transfer and person you are wanting to transfer the call too does not pick or goes to voicemail you can bring back the call by pressing Cancel (if it is still ringing) and then Resume to bring the call back. If goes to Voicemail or the caller cannot take the call press End Call then press Resume to bring the call back.