How Do I Transfer a Call With Pod Connect for Desktop?

Pod Connect for Desktop by default will send a blind/unannounced transfer (transfer a call without speaking to the person you are transferring the call to).

To blind/unannounced transfer a call on Pod Connect for Desktop follow the below steps, the process is the same on Mac and Windows.

  • During a call click on Transfer, highlighted in red. The caller will now be put on hold, music on hold will play as configured.


  • The call transfer window will appear, select an existing contact or recent call or type in the phone number/extension of the person you wish to transfer the call to, click on Transfer Call.


  • Your current call will end, the transfer window will close and the contact you have transferred the call to will start ringing. While the call is connecting you will have an option use Call Pull to bring the call back to your Pod Connect client and continue speaking with the caller. 
  • If you need to bring the call back click on Call Available to Pull at the bottom of your Pod Connect client


  • A confirmation will appear, click on Pull Call to bring the call back to your client. 


Can I use Pod Connect for Desktop for Announced Transfer (speak to the caller before transferring the call to them)?

Although Pod Connect does not have a function button for this, the work around can be competed as follows

  • During the call, place the call on hold. By pressing the Hold button. Music on hold will play as configured.


  • On the Pod Connect client window make a new call to the person you wish to transfer by either choosing an existing contact or recent call or entering a phone number/extension.
  • The caller you wish to transfer will still be on hold while you speak to person you are going to transferring the call too. When you are ready to transfer the call you will need to end the call first with the person you a wanting to transfer the original call too.
  • When the call has ended you can now transfer the original call as per the instructions above, this will be completed as blind/unannounced transfer.