Making & Receiving Calls

Making Calls

To make a call, select the Phone tab and enter the number you are calling into the Pod keypad, or simply tap on the contact and touch the number you would like to use to call the contact.

If the person you are calling has caller ID, they will see your individual Pod phone number.

Receiving Calls

When someone calls your Pod number, the Pod app offers you the choice to accept or reject the call.

Depending on the other services you have with Pod you may also see the incoming call on your desk phone, on your desktop, or on a tablet device. You can answer the call on whichever device is most convenient for you

During the Call

While a call is in progress you can use the call window to:
- Mute the call
- Switch to keypad
- Speaker phone
- Add/Transfer or place on hold
- Pull to Meeting
- Switch to another device
- Switch to video

You may receive another call while you are already on a call. Pod for Mobile gives you the option to:
- Hold the existing call and answer the new call
- End the existing call and answer the new call
- Ignore the new call

Video Calling

If the person you are talking to is also using Pod and your phone has a front-facing camera, you can add video to your call any time.
Click on the Video icon to send your video. The other person will receive a prompt inviting them to switch on their video too. Click on the Video icon at any time to turn off your video feed.

Switch the Call to Another Device

If the call has poor audio due to an unreliable Wi-Fi or mobile data service connection, you can touch the Switch icon and select This device (cellular) to move the call to your regular cell phone. Remember that the call will now start to use your mobile minutes.
Alternatively, you can choose to push the call to another of your devices running Pod, such as your desktop or your iPad.
Touch the Switch icon and select Another device to push the call to whichever device is most convenient.

Call Pull

You can also pull calls from your other devices onto your mobile. If a call exists that can be pulled, the Pod menu displays a Call Available to Pull option. Tap this option and follow the on-screen prompts to pull the call from your other device onto your mobile.

Transfer the Call to Someone Else

Use the Call Transfer icon to send any call to another number. A menu will pop-up allowing you to select a contact, or you can type in a completely new number to transfer the call to. You can also transfer the call to another of your devices that has Pod installed, without having to hang up!