Exploring CommPortal

When you log in, you see the CommPortal Home page.

From the CommPortal Home page you can access the following features:

Messages and Calls – click this link to view and retrieve any voicemails
Contacts – Import your contacts from Outlook or create new ones, then click on a name to dial
Phone Status - Control your Call Manager settings
Make Call – Make a call direct from CommPortal
Start Meeting – Start a Pod meeting
Manage Webinars - Create or manage your Pod webinars
Security - Use these links to change your password or security email address
Downloads – Download apps, for example Pod for Desktop
Send Feedback – Report bugs or make suggestions for improvements to the CommPortal interface
Your Services – Use these links to access a range of services available with your CommPortal account, for example to change your call, message and notification settings, or set up a Reminder call.